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You are a Cheetah! Defend your computer environment from bugs, worms and other threats to your data!


The Cheetah

Apex predator, cute kitty, and defender of technology.

It's speed and floof unparalleled - Meet
The Cheetaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

The Bugs

They are small. They are sneaky. They come in 4 colorful colors.

You know em' and love em - Meet
The Buuuuuuuuuugs!!

The Worm

He's got no eyes, a voracious hunger, and loves pizza.

Slithering and burrowing it's way into your heart - Meet
The Woooo00o0o0orrrrrrm!!

SQL Injection

Don't let his slack jaw fool you, this hater means business.

He'll steal your heart and corrupt your data - Meet the sneaky
SQL Injectiooooooooooooon!!


Beast Mode

Dip deep into the depths of your depravity and become the director of death!
200% Move Speed, Attack Speed, and Damage for the duration
Beast Mode + 10 seconds Max: 30 seconds


Hearts heal your health to improve your healthiness and health.
Health + 1 Max Health: 10

Firewall Piece

Forged in the fires, this piece of Firewall is sure to help defend any piece of technology.
Firewall + 1 Max Health: Unlimited

Kraken Tentacle

Your dear friend the Kraken has lost it's tentacles, as reward for helping find it's tentacles the kraken will aid you in battle.
Reduce cooldown - 10 seconds



Press 'G' to show the Firewall placement preview

Press 'F' to place a Firewall (consumes 1 flame)

How to use a Firewall
How to Release the Kraken

The Kraken

Press 'Space' to Release the Kraken


Cyber Cheetah - The Game

*Warning!* Sound will play