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  • Dustin Segers

    Sup, ya'll. I'm just livin' my best life one day at a time, baby. Been gamin' ever since I can remember, and the love hasn't faded a bit over these many years. In fact, it's only gotten stronger. Swollen to the gills with mad, love-power. For real man, this love is straight jacked, bruh. Check the peak on them biceps-sheyeesh! I mean it is, after all, 100% why I'm here doing this game developer thang, babe. Ya dig?

    Lately, I tend to gravitate towards single-player RPGs (I'm looking at you Witcher 3) "when I have time"™ #DatDadLyfe, but I've had my fair share of online play via WoW, Final Fantasy XIV, Ultima Online, Starcraft, Call of Duty, and, recently, Fortnite to name... more than a few.

  • Matt Phillips

    Suh dude. Despite the fact that Dustin is older than me, i've been gaming since before he was born. For me it all started with a SNES and games like Super Mario RPG, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Donkey Kong Country. Eventually the love spread from console games, to handheld (Gameboy) and onto our home computer where I eventually discovered Ultima Online. In UO, I accidentally stumbled into a love for programming when I discovered you could run your own Ultima Online server by downloading some software and changing some files.

    These days I have less time for leisure than I would like, and so I try to make the best of what time I have. Typically by sitting at my desk wasting hours playing on my phone. But on occasion I like to make things, games being chief among those things. Hopefully you like some of them!

  • CJ van der Smissen

    Where do I start? These other guys merely adopted gaming. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't stop gaming until I was already a man, by then I was kickin' ass and chewing bubblegum. As a kid I was all about that Nintendo life and as I got older my life was consumed by Counter-Strike. This led to setting up servers and then to linux sys admining. Dabbled in some scripting and then dived head first into programming for college.

    Now a days I am all out of gum but I still enjoy pick up games in basically all PC FPS titles. When I'm not gaming I'm a developer by trade and an amateur YouTuber. I have a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters. With my freetime I like to build games!