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A - Left
D - Right
E - Use/Activate
C - Crouch
Space - Jump & Double Jump
Fire - Right Ctrl (hold to charge)

O - Toggle Objectives On/Off
ESC - Close menu or dialog
F10 - Open/Close Pause menu


*Warning!* Sound will play

Who is this Spacedude?

Sometime in the future, somewhere in the universe, someone lived. That someone was a man, and he lived in space. But this man wasn't just any ordinary man, he was a dude - Spacedude to be precise.

However, there lived not just a man but also a woman. She too lived in space. However, this was no ordinary woman. She was a dudette - Spacedudette to be certain. One groovy afternoon, after Spacedude picked up Spacedudette from her house to spend the day together saving spuppies (space puppies). While on their way to the space animal rescue facility, their space adventure was interrupted by a large wormhole that ripped into existence not far from their ship. Spacedude reacted instantly and steered the Spaceride away but quickly felt the fear-inducing, inevitable pull of the wormhole.

Like a tractor-beam, the wormhole latched onto the Spaceride and other various bits of space debris nearby pulling them nearer. Typically wormholes didn't behave this way, but this one was clearly unstable as it's size was fluctuating radically and it was almost as-if it were flickering in and out of existence. Slowly the Spaceride was being pulled closer, and closer towards the colorful gateway into nothingness. Finally, Spacedudette flipped the switch to turn on the hyper-thrusters to try and escape the pull of the wormhole. It didn't take long for them to realize that their efforts were futile, the pull from the wormhole was just too strong. And so before they used up all their ship's power they shut off the boosters to conserve their energy.

The Spaceride was effortlessly swallowed up by the wormhole....

Spacedude wakes up amidst a rocky landscape with a clearly visible earth-like planet on the horizon. The Spaceride is wrecked and Spacedudette has gone missing. Spacedude must explore this unfamiliar area to fix his ship and find out what happened to Spacedudette.

Release Notes - Alpha 001


  • Original story, background, and characters
  • First space taste of the epic space opera of Spacedude!
  • Two games modes: On-planet (Sidescroller) and Spaceflight (Topdown)
    • Explore the first playable area: Meepmoon!
    • Epic space battles in space as you pilot the Spaceride
  • Literally over a dozen objectives to complete (15 to be exact)
  • Interactive dialog system
  • Lazers!
    • You’ve got a lazer
    • Your enemies have lazers
    • LAZERS!


  • Play as (a mostly animated) Spacedude!
    • Unlock two of Spacedude’s core abilities: Double-jump and Chest Lazer
  • Introduction to the first major enemy race: The Crool Catz!
  • Two unique enemy types in multiple sizes!
    • Alien Flyer: small, medium, large, giant
    • Alien Ground: small, medium, large, giant
  • Introduction to the first major friendly race: The Meeps
  • Meet Lil’ Meeper, the first friendly face in this crazy new part of space
  • Encounter the first boss experience: (?????????) no spoilers


  • Support for Keyboard & Mouse control layout
  • Support for Gamepad/Controller control layout
    • Tested with Xbox and PS4 controllers
  • Static control scheme (currently cannot be changed by Player)


  • Completely custom art and animations
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • 2D Lighting and Custom normal maps


  • Custom built music and sound effects
  • Adjustable sound and music volume via in-game menu