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Release Notes - Alpha 001


  • Original story, background, and characters
  • First space taste of the epic space opera of Spacedude!
  • Two games modes: On-planet (Sidescroller) and Spaceflight (Topdown)
    • Explore the first playable area: Meepmoon!
    • Epic space battles in space as you pilot the Spaceride
  • Literally over a dozen objectives to complete (15 to be exact)
  • Interactive dialog system
  • Lazers!
    • You’ve got a lazer
    • Your enemies have lazers
    • LAZERS!


  • Play as (a mostly animated) Spacedude!
    • Unlock two of Spacedude’s core abilities: Double-jump and Chest Lazer
  • Introduction to the first major enemy race: The Crool Catz!
  • Two unique enemy types in multiple sizes!
    • Alien Flyer: small, medium, large, giant
    • Alien Ground: small, medium, large, giant
  • Introduction to the first major friendly race: The Meeps
  • Meet Lil’ Meeper, the first friendly face in this crazy new part of space
  • Encounter the first boss experience: (?????????) no spoilers


  • Support for Keyboard & Mouse control layout
  • Support for Gamepad/Controller control layout
    • Tested with Xbox and PS4 controllers
  • Static control scheme (currently cannot be changed by Player)


  • Completely custom art and animations
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • 2D Lighting and Custom normal maps


  • Custom built music and sound effects
  • Adjustable sound and music volume via in-game menu